4 Golden Rules to Total Ownage in DotA

1. Missing saints. Continuously check minimap for missing legends, and report to the group. Aside from foe saints who simply been executed, a foe legend missing from your path could mean a danger to one of your partner. A few missing saints implies potential ganks to the path which pushes the most profound into the foe regions. Whichever path you are on, is your mindful to report for missing legends. You can help your group by periodically checking the minimap for missing saints, and spotting potential ganks. Continuously watch out for pings on the minimap for admonitions offered by your neighborly partners.

2. Know your adversaries. On the off chance that in pick mode, let rivals pick their saints first. According to Sun Tzu’s manual of war, realize your foe to pick up a bit of leeway, prompting triumphant fights. Be careful about the potential imbal saint on the rival group, and pick a legend to counter him.

3. Laning strategies. Change path or solicitation for assistance on the off chance that you can’t hold the path. Try not to hold up till the subsequent pinnacle is down before you request help. Continuously look into the contradicting saints’ inventories and check what things they are following. Particularly the foe saint on your path, check his things, and construct things to “counter” him. In the event that you see there is a foe saint who is hopping on high level things during early game, advise your group and ensure he doesn’t get it until late game.

4. Continuously play as a group. In dota 2 boost, you are not playing alone. Not just you should collaborate with your group, you should likewise organize strikes and ambushes to mellow the adversary group. In the event that you are not the convey legend in your group, you can generally leave your path and pursue your group to gank the potential convey saint (who will be imbal late game) in the rival group, eg, anonymous void, apparition professional killer, luna, troll, and so on. Slaughter him until he can’t make up for lost time his levels and things. Let the convey legend in your group to remain in his path to cultivate up. Cooperation wins all.